Jozani Forest & Maalum Cave swimming

5 Hours


Embark on an enchanting adventure through Zanzibar’s natural wonders with our
Jozani Monkey Forest and Maalum Cave Swimming Tour! Prepare to be captivated by
the unique charm of the rare red colobus monkeys, traverse through the lush Jozani
Forest, and immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the Maalum Cave – a journey
that promises memories to last a lifetime


Meet the Red Colobus Monkeys:
Our tour begins at the renowned Jozani Monkey Forest, the last sanctuary of the rare
and endemic Zanzibar red colobus monkeys. As you venture into the dense forest, you’ll
witness these captivating creatures leaping from tree to tree and hear the echoing calls
that Dill the air. Our expert guides will share fascinating insights into their behavior,
habitat, and the efforts taken to protect these endangered species.


Explore the Lush Jozani Forest:
Beyond the mesmerizing encounter with the monkeys, the Jozani Forest offers a lush
oasis of biodiversity. Stroll along winding paths surrounded by a tapestry of vibrant
Dlora, towering mahogany trees, and exotic plant species. Keep an eye out for other
wildlife, such as the elusive Syke’s monkeys and a variety of bird species that call this
forest home


Maalum Cave Swimming:
After a rejuvenating lunch break, we’ll take you to the hidden gem of Maalum Cave,
where you’ll have the opportunity to cool off and swim in the refreshing waters of this
captivating cave. Let the natural beauty of the cave, with its stunning rock formations
and glistening pools, leave you awe-inspired as you take a dip in the crystal-clear waters
– an experience of true tranquility


Day 1 :

Included and Excluded


  • 1.Water bottle
  • 2.Pick up & Drop
  • 3.Guide
  • 4.Entry fees


  • 1.towels
  • 2.Sunscreen
  • 3.Lunch
Why Choose Us?

1.Knowledgeable Guides: Our local guides are passionate storytellers, ready to share the
island’s history and traditions, ensuring you have a meaningful and insightful
2.Responsible Tourism:We believe in preserving Zanzibar’s cultural and natural
heritage. Our tours are designed to have a positive impact on the communities and
environment we visit.
3.Small Group Tours:To provide a personalized experience, we keep our tour groups
small, allowing you to connect more deeply with the places you visit.
4.Unforgettable Memories:Our Spice Farm, Stonetown, and Prison Island Tour promise
to leave you with treasured memories and a profound appreciation for Zanzibar’s
diversity and allure

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